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ADAM DE GREAT & WAVESHOCK - Miami Bells (Feelin')

Tiger/Kontor/Kontor New Media
ADAM DE GREAT & WAVESHOCK - Miami Bells (Feelin') (Tiger/Kontor/Kontor New Media)

Tiger Records MIAMI Promo Power

ADAM DE GREAT & WAVESHOCK - Miami Bells (Feelin')

Two top producers and well known djs from Poland make their Tiger records debut with the massive hymn Miami Bells (Feelin). If you search for the ultimate track that can capture the Miami Winter Music Conference atmosphere you just found it on Tiger records. The track draws inspiration from the well known classic with the similar title.

Adam de Great & Waveshock combine influences from AVICII in their blissful synthy melody in the breakdown followed by huge electro style distorted synthy lead and the beauiful sexy female vocal that works really well as it adds that classic house vibe to it. The drop is energetic and powerful with groovy bouncy tribal beats, agressive basslines and the bells like percussion on top to create the nice rhythm that will hook the listener.

Great combination of modern epic prog house elements with electro house and classic tribal house influences in a very enjoyable and highly pleasurable track that will ignite clubbers around the world. Tiger records essential Miami Weapon!

Love IT

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