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ADAM DE GREAT & WAVESHOCK - Here We Go! (Party Camp Anthem)

Tiger/Kontor/Kontor New Media
ADAM DE GREAT & WAVESHOCK - Here We Go! (Party Camp Anthem) (Tiger/Kontor/Kontor New Media)

Tiger Records IBIZA Promo Power

ADAM DE GREAT & WAVESHOCK - Here We Go! (Party Camp Anthem)

Tiger Records presents the official Party Camp Anthem called Here We Go! that is produced by the Polish star djs Adam De Great & Waveshock. The hot duo meet once again on Tiger records and this time they are not joking even for a second. They are deadly serious and they are super focused on their only goal that they have in their minds. It is of course to make you dance and sweat a lot on the dancefloor indifferent if you are man or woman.

The track starts chunky and very soon the tribal grooves added along with pumping basslines and the cool vocal sample that works like a treat to increase your energy levels. Short breakdown and the siren like synthy lead is unleashed to create mayhem on the dancefloor supported by old school break beats and mc style vocal samples.The drop is full of fat meaty Godzilla size drums, aggressive punchy ruthless basslines and great funky rhythm .

Adam De Great & Waveshock are two producers that you can trust for your EDM hunger. They are able to put instantly fire on any dancefloor and Here We Go! is tailor made strictly for happy laughing party people only .

100% Pure Tiger Ibiza Weapon! Love It

Taken from the upcoming Tiger album "Ibiza Weapons 2014"

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